Celebrating #CIPR70 with the CIPR’s greatest asset – its volunteers

The CIPR thrives thanks to a large and committed group of volunteers who support the dedicated team running the Institute. Thanks to all involved, this year the CIPR has delivered its most ambitious work plan to date. Underpinning everything has been team work of the best kind. Tonight we mark 70 years of the Institute by celebrating 70 special volunteers and all those who have contributed to our superb anniversary book Platinum. Here’s a transcript of my welcome speech for those who can’t make it.

What a very special evening this is; marking 70 years of the CIPR with the volunteers who keep it relevant, forward-looking and a wonderful community to be part of.

As well as celebrating our 70 at 70, tonight we also mark the launch of Platinum, authored by many of you here, under the capable eye of editor Stephen Waddington.

Your contributions take no small commitment; you all have busy jobs, lives and family commitments. Your generosity of spirit in giving time and expertise to help your professional organisation and industry thrive deserves to be acknowledged.

I’m thrilled to see you all tonight to do just that and thank you personally.

Thoughts for the CIPR’s future

It’s not long now until I hand over the CIPR Presidency to Emma Leech and I have a few wishes for the future.

The CIPR’s Royal Charter signposts the path we must take and we must continue to work for the public good, placing social purpose and accountable leadership at the heart of organisational strategies to drive company value over the long-term.

To achieve that, professionals need to be the best they can be, with strategic, ethical and leadership skills the norm. If you’re not yet a Chartered Practitioner, please make that your goal. If you need an incentive, of all the CIPR’s membership levels, those who are Chartered earn the most.

We must encourage members, wherever they are in their career, to make CPD a priority.

Time served is not the equivalent of the appropriate training and qualifications, especially in an industry that evolves constantly.

Barriers to entry are a hallmark of a profession and my belief is when CPD finally becomes mandatory, we’ll have come of age. This is my wish for the CIPR as it moves into its next seventy years.

Teamwork makes us stronger

All that is left is for me to offer thanks.

The CIPR has a fantastic but small team which punches above its weight and I’m grateful for all they have achieved, especially against the backdrop of an office move. Everyone works hard to make your membership meaningful.

Even tonight Koray has asked me to remind you to complete the State of the Profession Survey so please do that; the more data we get, the stronger we can make our member offer.

My thanks and congratulations go to each and every one of you for your ongoing contributions.

This year the CIPR has delivered its most ambitious plan ever. We have taken an assertive stance in demonstrating the strategic value of PR to organisations and developed closer relationships with the business community thanks to partnerships with the CBI and FSB.

Membership is growing organically and churn is down because our work is resonating.

It’s been a great eleven months. I’d therefore like to propose a toast. To all of you – and to team work.

Thank you and have a lovely evening.

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