Is the coronavirus a crisis, disaster or emergency?

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The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in an orgy of news stories, commentary and analysis in which the terms crisis, disaster and emergency have been used almost interchangeably. According to Muckrack’s Trends research tool, here’s what the media have been using over the past year: These three terms are closely related and overlap significantly, yet each …

Broadcast PR in the New World

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By Keren Haynes, co-managing director, Shout! Communications, Like Brexit and Christmas Imagine Brexit and Christmas all rolled into a mash-up of a PR story  and you have the COVID-19 pandemic. Brexit went on and on…. and on a bit more.  At times it seemed like broadcasters would never look at another story again. Christmas, meanwhile, …

Focus management in uncertain times

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By Gemma Storey, Focus management has been something that the Carrot team has practised for years now, but right now we’re all facing what could be months of uncertainty. How on earth do we continue to be focused and productive when the country’s on lockdown? We – and everyone around us – need to accept that …