Take the 2019 Influence Reader Survey and Shape the Future of Your Member Magazine

The next edition of Influence is out on February 14th, romantic, I know.

That will mark three years since the very first edition and the magazine has come a long way since then.

Our goal was always to produce a magazine that tackled serious issues, looked to the future of the business and demonstrated what PR can do – all with a playful approach that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

We’ve won quite a few awards for our first 12 magazines but we’re not sitting on our collective laurels. You can help us continue to improve Influence by taking this short reader survey.

Your views are really important to us – they form the basis of everything that Influence does. So if you could spare a few minutes the whole team would really appreciate it.

And if that doesn’t motivate you there is even a prize of £100 in Amazon vouchers to be won. You could buy yourself that thing you didn’t get for Christmas, if you just click this link here before midday on January 25th.


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