‘Creativity will get us out of this mess’

Those were the words of Frederike Magnussen, co-founder of A Plastic Planet, the charity which provided the brief for this year’s Creative Shootout finalists.

A Plastic Planet’s aim is to provide consumers with the choice to go plastic-free while shopping and the Shootout brought some of the most creative agencies in the UK together to find a way of getting more companies to sign up.

Agencies had just four hours to crack the brief before presenting their creative back to a live audience and judging panel at BAFTA.

The team from Scottish marketing and PR firm Wire saw off stiff competition with a campaign involving heath trucks providing free public tests showing how much plastic had made its way into people’s bodies – underpinned by a PR campaign on why plastic packaging is killing society.

Each year the Creative Shootout aims to showcase the power of creativity and how it can help solve some of societies most pressing problems.

Founder Johnny Pitt commented: “Creativity is one of the most powerful things on the planet and must be ‘used’ for good, more often.  So, while The Creative Shootout showcases smart people from progressive agencies, with clever ideas, it’s also very much about how creativity can come together and give back, at the same time.

“The Shootout was its most ‘serious’ this year, in a good way. I think everyone involved at BAFTA understood just what was at stake. Winning – yes! But also the drastic need to try and turn off the plastic tap with A Plastic Planet.  And the creative industry can (seriously) help with that.”


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