Calling future PR Stars: Finding your springboard to success

By Maddy McCrann-Smith,

All students know that a degree isn’t enough – you need to be able to demonstrate to employers that you are ready to work, that you are willing to work hard, have examples of relevant work, and the best way to do this is with an internship or placement.

In my second year of university I completed four placements at PR agencies across Birmingham and I also made the most of any networking opportunities that were available to me. These experiences were invaluable, not only for my career, but also for my understanding of the PR industry.  This had a positive impact on my final project and dissertation during my third year of university.

Now, working as a PR professional at one of the agencies I did a placement at that summer, I see the value of placements from an agency point of view. I can see how much easier it is for agencies to hire the right person if they have already worked with them.

There is competition not only for students to get jobs, but also for PR agencies to get the best graduates. Mentoring a student while they’re at university, offering them work experience and allowing them to learn about PR in a working environment will give your agency the chance to have the ideal grad working for you.

The Midlands PR Conference is an excellent setting for professionals to meet those eager students – the ones that have put themselves out there to learn more – and find the next generation of PR stars.

Last year, as a student, 15 of my fellow students and I volunteered at the Midlands PR Conference. It was a great experience to network with PR professionals and to learn more about PR. I’m looking forward to going this year, this time as a PR professional.

spottydog communications gave me the opportunity to work in their office, gain experience and also a first job. Rachel Roberts set up spottydog to create job opportunities for people; she is keen to shape the next generation of talent, something which I have first-hand experience of, so I personally can’t wait to meet the next cohort of future PR professionals

The Midlands PR Conference – The Business of Communications is happening on Wednesday 3rdApril, 10am – 5pm at Birmingham City University. The day will include guest speeches and break out sessions from Johnny Dymond the BBC Royal Correspondent, Ringo Moss McCann Managing Director, and Sheila Taylor MBE. Tickets are available here:

Maddy McCrann-Smith is a PR, communications and social media executive at spottydog communications.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

  1. It’s great to see companies invest in young people and support them to develop, based on their abilities.

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