Britain’s got (PR) talent

By Rohan Shah,

According to the CIPR State of the Profession 2019, 58% of Agencies/Consultancies in the UK intend to grow their staff headcount and 27% of PR departments In-House expect to do the same.

This is great news, there seems to be a real appetite for growth in the PR & Communications world but this is also creating challenges for businesses and naturally a new war for talent.

The ICCO world report 2018-19 cites that 61% of businesses find retaining talent a key challenge within their business as well as 29% saying that finding people from non-traditional backgrounds is also a key challenge within their business.

In a country with so much uncertainty caused specifically by Brexit, it’s more important than ever before to ensure that you have talent attraction plans and processes in place.

Brexit will naturally affect the talent streams the UK has access to and so new thinking when it comes to your talent attraction and hiring must take place.

The good news is that Reuben Sinclair have been doing a lot of this thinking for you and would now like to share some valuable insights on the talent across the whole of Britain and how you can ensure your businesses remains on track to achieve its growth plans whilst remaining at the forefront of cutting edge PR and exceptional practice by considering all sources of talent.

At Influence Live on 25th April 2019, Alexandra Lewington, Head of PR and Communications Recruitment will cover the issues and challenges the industry has surrounding Diversity and how truly working on this will ensure a thriving business with increased opportunities to attract talent.

The industry has a reputation for hiring people who they know can do the job, understandably so, but it’s now time to look at alternative sources of talent within Britain such as other marketing disciplines, journalists or people from industry; all of which will bring new ways of thinking to a rapidly changing industry.

Finally, are you a business that focuses on encouraging more people to into the profession at grassroots level?

If not, Alex will talk you through ways in which this can be achieved; naturally increasing your access to talent but also ensuring the continued growth and future success of a wonderful and much needed industry.

Rohan Shah is Co-founder of Reuben Sinclair.

Photo by Rob Laughter on Unsplash


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