Anonymous CVs and PR recruitment

Anonymous Talent mornings to tackle the current talent shortage and drive diversity are being trialed by PR agencies in London this Autumn.

f1 Recruitment, co founders of BAME2020, are working with several PR agencies in London trialing the initiative to help them fill talent gaps from a diverse pool including BAME and mature candidates.

Blind or anonymised CVs

Candidates will be introduced to agencies blindly with personal information removed from initial CVs during the assessment process including information that affects unconscious bias, and which often results in people from more diverse backgrounds being overlooked for a job.

CVs are only presented on the morning, so that candidates cannot be reviewed on social media and LinkedIn and assumptions made about them prior to interview.

Amanda Fone, CEO & Founder of f1 Recruitment, says:  “Clients come to us saying they can’t find good talent and we are looking at different ways to tackle the current talent shortage by finding new and diverse candidates.

It’s a chance for candidates to get their foot in the door and meet with agencies they wouldn’t usually get an interview with. On the other side it is an opportunity for agencies to meet diverse candidates who are often sifted or self select themselves out of the application process.

Anonymous Talent  Open Mornings will take place during September, October and November;  if you would like to find out more, please contact Amanda Fone on

Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash


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