When competition is replaced with co-ompetition (all for a good cause)

By Joel Barnett, managing director, Fortune Hill.

Back in April we set out on a mission to do something to show our appreciation for the people working in our NHS.

The NHS is very close to my heart because my wife is a doctor. Also, working internationally has made me profoundly aware of the huge benefit of having access to free healthcare.

Our NHS is the envy of many other nations. Sure, it is far from perfect but it’s populated by people who have dedicated their lives to serving the needs of others.

Trust me, they do not choose a career in healthcare for the money and they certainly don’t do it for personal glory or glamour, in the main the people working in the NHS go to work in conditions that most people in corporate jobs would be appalled by.

I cannot imagine there are many people who will look back on their experience in 2020 with great fondness. But I am confident that no cohort will have been more impacted than the amazing people in our national health service.

Excerpts from Experts: Marketing is our way of showing that we see them. That we appreciate what they do for the rest of us. That we understand that what they have experienced this year has been horrendous.

At the beginning of the lockdown, some seven months ago at time of writing, the rest of us were told to confine ourselves to our homes. NHS workers, however, had no choice but to leave their homes and loved ones daily to go to war with an invisible enemy.

Each day my wife went to work and suppressed her fear for her personal safety in order to do what she does, which is to selflessly look after others, prioritising their needs over her own. The sights she witnessed, the suffering she observed, and the colleagues she has lost, will stay in her memory forever.

The feeling of helplessness inspired us to action and gave us the impetus to try to do something to express our gratitude for the gallant service of the heroes who risked their lives to save and protect the rest of us.

What can you expect from the book?

Simply put – a huge dollop of wisdom and advice that you won’t get anywhere else. The country’s best marketers will tell you their stories, give advice to people who are starting their careers in marketing and talk about their favourite campaigns. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also read about their favourite brands, the motivational quotes they like most and the campaigns they rate as the best in history!

Because each excerpt is a bite sized chunk, the book is curated in a way that means you can easily pick it up and dive in for a few minutes of learning or motivation or to digest a bit of humour to lift your spirits.

And the best thing about it is that every penny from sales of the book goes straight to the NHS Charities to support the amazing work they do! Think of it like this – you donate £19.99 to an amazing cause and we will send you a free copy! How could you possibly resist?

You can pick up your copy here.

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