How ‘Social Capital Comms’ could transform your communications – and your world.

Understand how activist groups such as Extinction Rebellion (XR) and others use a new approach to communications to engage, connect and communicate to create the change they want to achieve in the world.

This free online event is for any communications or changemaker practitioner wanting to transform the ‘What?, How? and Why?’ of their work. Also, for anyone asking questions of themselves about the purpose of their work, or their organization.

We are showcasing an ‘Assembly’ process developed by XR Catalysers that transforms meetings and conversations into deep, meaningful and transformational experiences. It facilitates listening with humility, engaging from the heart, and encouraging togetherness to achieve shared goals.

Join Caroline Pakel and Ronan McNern sharing their insights from XR, and Matt Appleby and Andy Green of Grow Social Capital in a free webinar at 12 noon on Thursday February 25 th as part of ‘Social Capital Week’ (February 22-28)

Anyone working in the creative and communications industries needs to understand and start using alternatives to top-down led communications approaches. Harnessing the power of social capital and building greater togetherness can help you earn trust, grow the capabilities of communities, create powerful social norms and build greater social cohesion.

Learn how to grow communities and better alliances and partnerships with a different approach and tools to create real impact, sustainable change, or overcome division.

Discover how ‘Social Capital Comms’ -that describes a way to create bridges which encourages emergent growth between people and communities – is different to traditional top-down Comms. Recognise how Social Capital underpins the challenges you face and the untapped opportunities around you. And also come along to share and help grow our collective wisdom.

The event is part of a week-long series of activities celebrating ‘Social capital Week’.

Starts 12 noon until 1pm on Thursday February 25th. 

The event finishes at 1pm. From experience we have found that the Assembly process has such a profound effect that we are providing an optional follow -up event, immediately after, for wider discussion and sharing of responses to the conversation.

It’s a free event. Book your place here.

For CIPR Members you can claim CPD points for attending.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Andy Green is a leading expert in brand storytelling, creative capacity building in communities or teams, and PR strategy. Andy is also a director of the social enterprise, Grow Social Capital.

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