Do we have PR fatigue?

By James Knight.

One year on with Covid we have had good and bad PR for those in the public eye.

The vaccine situation has been good PR for the Government. The scientists at Astra Zeneca/Oxford deserve all the good PR in the world.

I am not here to knock the Government but we have to balance things. All agree it has not been an easy time for any politicians.

In a democracy we need a strong opposition and I don’t believe Keir Starmer and Labour have come out of this not very positively. Should have taken on the Government more.

I don’t believe the Lib Dems have mounted any serious opposition to the Government either.

Saying all this, there are so many areas where the Government has brought bad PR on themselves, by not putting the messages about their ideas over clearly to the public and media.

There is a hit list: which one is top of the pops? You probably have your favourite…

Track and Trace, generally regarded as shambles, also millions given to PPE suppliers with little supplies delivered, if you are landlord of a pub, with no experience of PPE, and pull the right pints for the right people you get a contract.

Before the Covid the previous Governments were warned a pandemic could occur. SARS was around Asia for a number of years, governments were warned but no one seems to have heeded their warnings.

Until we have finally slain the Covid Dragon we cannot assess the whole situation, but it must not be swept under the Government’s big carpet.

Politicians of all parties, civil servants and scientists (in certain areas) must face the music for good and bad PR – and face the outcomes.

Kate Garraway from GMTV and Smooth Radio deserves good PR all what she has gone through with her husband Derek who is still in hospital with Covid. Her story was shared with the nation on ITV, such a dreadful story, thousands of people who have gone through hell deserve explanations.

We don’t live in a perfect PR perfect world but we need balanced public relations, not just sound bites on the web.

Professor James Knight is an international businessman, public relations practitioners and academic. He was Fellow of Bournemouth University Public Relations School, guest speaker at Judge Cambridge, Surrey, Bath and Reading, International Mentor for Oxford Brookes on Hospitality. He is a Fellow of CIPR and the Society of Public Relations of America, as well as a fellow of the Institute of Directors. 

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