Three things you can expect from Trudy Lewis at the CIPR East Anglia’s Best PRactice Conference: Bitesize

Trudy will be speaking on ‘Leading the way: The communicator’s role to achieve successful change’ on Thursday 22nd April 12:30-1.30pm. Here are three things you can expect from her session:

1 Work in partnership and develop relationships: Always aim to work closely with other key departments. This means building relationships and supporting HR, IT and key members of the senior leadership team. Make it clear that you are committed to collaborate to engage employees effectively.

2 Listen and question: Develop your listening skills as an approach to engage with leaders to fully understand the challenges faced so you can support them effectively. This along with good questioning will give your leaders confidence to engage with you for advice and guidance.

3 Develop business acumen, become a trusted adviser: This is especially needed at this time, gain an understanding of the industry and economic issues being faced by the organisation and your leaders. It will help to position you as a knowledgeable and trusted adviser.

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