Don’t be a kneejerk – what to expect from Sue Keogh at the CIPR East Anglia’s Best Practice Conference: Bitesize

Sue, from award-winning digital marketing agency Sookio, will be speaking on ‘Social Media strategy; don’t be a kneejerk’ on Thursday 29 April 12:30-1:30pm.

Here’s Sue on what you can expect from her session:

“What’s a social media trend you’ve leapt on – and wished you hadn’t bothered? Or one where you feel like you were too slow and missed the boat?

It’s something I’m interested in as social media platforms and features become ever more abundant. Yes, I’m looking at you LinkedIn with the Stories feature no one asked for. And thinking how we never DID find out why Google+ was so good for SEO.

I’ll be discussing all this in more depth at the CIPR East Anglia Best PRactice Conference on 29 April.

Starting with thoughts on Clubhouse and my refusal to join any club that would have me as a member (or those which are limited to iPhone users only).

For full details on both Sue’s session and the other conference speakers, and to access registration links, please visit

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