Good Communications can be an Illusion, as the Super League Shows

By James Knight.

Good communications is a leading business trait, this week we have seen leading billionaires manage, with a magical sleight of hand, to rip-up decency in sport and business.

In PR terms the European Super League ranks with the Titanic: too good to sink, it has sunk.

We have seen rival fans get together in a common cause, to defeat the Super League. Who would of thought Chelsea and Spurs fans actually agreeing with one another, it has happened through the modern media of communications, it has even driven Parliament to agree, which is a first.

The billionaires club are guardians at this point of time of certain clubs, and felt they could drive tradition away for profit, not informing managers, players and most of all supporters – like western cowboys taking over a town in the movies.

As Gary Linkear said, this has been coming down for a long while. But I feel all of us have felt it would never happen, since the early days of the Premiership it has been obvious as day runs into night, we must now be on our guard, for all football fans what we have is our Crown Jewels, they must not be stolen from us.

The German model of club ownership is a good example of great communications, where fans hold a stake in clubs and they feel a part of decision making, a form of that in the British game is what we should look for.

Who wants to live in a football world of no promotion or relegation? It’s what makes our game, as the great undersdog stories like Leicester winning the league or Wimbledon rising to the top would not be possible without it.

The owners should also consider this, as communications is the secret of good business and the most important thing in communications is to hear what is not being said.

To quote George Bernard Shaw: “The single biggest problem in communications is the illusion that it has taken place.”

Professor James Knight is an international businessman, public relations practitioners and academic. He was Fellow of Bournemouth University Public Relations School, guest speaker at Judge Cambridge, Surrey, Bath and Reading, International Mentor for Oxford Brookes on Hospitality. He is a Fellow of CIPR and the Society of Public Relations of America, as well as a fellow of the Institute of Directors. 

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