Word of mouth marketing: 2022 style

Word of mouth marketing opens up an amazing opportunity, for you and your business. If you choose to embrace it, you can have an army of enthusiastic people successfully selling your services.

Without paying them.

Without even asking them.

There’s a little work required on your part. But once it’s done, you’re good to go! You can then watch extremely high-quality sales leads and client enquiries roll in. Over and over and over again.

How does that work?

It’s about marketing via word of mouth, 2022 style

It’s actually pretty simple and it works like this.

Think of a product or service you’ve used, which impressed you so much, you told your friends. That’s all you need your offering to do. It’s not about reinventing the wheel in your marketing approach. It’s just about making some adjustments, which stand out in a meaningful way.

This is what gets people telling their friends, associates and social media contacts about you.

People in your industry have already done this very successfully. In fact, there are countless examples from every industry.

It’s how we all prefer to find new restaurants, phone brands, bars, accountants, motorcycles, authors, marketing consultants, lawyers, professional photographers, financial advisers, software products, artists, fashion brands, doctors…….everything.

You need to be a part of that list. You need word of mouth marketing at work for you and your business.

Word of mouth has never worked better

The power of a recommendation comes from it being third party and independent. In other words, not from someone who works for the provider they’re recommending, or who is being paid to recommend the product or service. Until relatively recently, someone’s ability to reach people about how delighted they are with you, was restricted. Now, social networks allow anyone to instantly tell 50, 500, 5000 or 50,000 people how delighted they are with you.

Let that sink in for a moment and imagine what that would do for you and your business.

Plus, in many cases, these recommendations and wonderful comments about you, are findable by people using search engines. This gives your recommendations an even wider audience and an even longer life cycle!

It’s marketing gold dust

There are massive benefits to be gained from free, word of mouth recommendations. So, take the time to recreate your products or services, so that people want to tell their friends and contacts about you.

Do not miss out on this amazing marketing opportunity to grow your business, from wave after wave of word of mouth recommendations and referrals.

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