You can’t trust David Cameron with the NHS

The Labour Party have released a very strong new video that attacks David Cameron and his governments management and reforms of the NHS.

It borrows from US-style attack ads in two ways:

1. The use of haunting, unsettling music combined with emphatic drum beats when key points are made.

2. Use of historical video footage of the subject of the attack making promises which is then interspersed with ‘facts’ which show the subject to have lied / failed / fallen short.

It’s great to see a British political party producing a piece of video content outside of election time that is coherent, single-minded and with decent production values.

I’m sure the Labour Party have realised in producing this piece of video that making quality content doesn’t have to be expensive.  This film would not have required an external director, crew, cast, location permits, lights or cameras.

All that was needed was someone who can use a piece of video editing software and the hard work of one person to sift through the archives of footage and recordings of David Cameron to find relevant NHS commentary.

If I was the Labour Party I would use volunteers to find YouTube footage of David Cameron and George Osborne and ask them to download the files and note the time codes where they comment on areas of possible attack.  Then, when the Party needs to quickly respond to something in the news agenda, the video editor has an existing archive of content which they can piece together and have published online in a matter of hours.

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