The best, the most unique, or the junkiest

DMS and StudebakerYesterday I was in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. It is an easy day trip from Buenos Aires by fast ferry.

Since I am on a very obsessive quest to reach 100 countries or territories in my life, I had to pop over to Uruguay for country number 93 on my list.

Colonia has a population of around 22,000 and its main draw is its historic quarter, a World Heritage Site.

I was fascinated by the many dozens of classic cars I saw on the streets of Colonia. I asked a few people and nobody seemed to know why there are so many. Here’s a blogger has an idea Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay – The capital of Antique cars. Does anyone know the real story?

The best, the most unique, or the junkiest

The DrugstoreWhile many were daily drivers, some businesses used the cars as marketing.

Some had beautifully restored cars in front. These naturally drew tourists like me who wanted to check out the cars. Perhaps after snapping a photo, you might like to go into the shop or restaurant.

A few cars were piles of rubbish that hadn't run in years. If it weren’t a classic, you’d wonder why anyone kept it. These would win the junkiest award (if there were one) and also drew attention.

But what does having a crappy old car in front of your establishment say about your business?

I really liked the places like El Drugstore restaurant that had unique uses for their several cars. This place used the trunks of its two cars as planters and had the cars parked among the outdoor tables. Nice touch. So as you go in to inspect the car and maybe shoot a photo, you might end up looking at the menu. That’s exactly what I did and ended up eating there.

This post is about classic cars in Colonia, Uruguay. But of course, it is also about marketing. You have a choice: The best, the most unique, or the junkiest.

Colonia classic cars 1

Colonia classic cars 2

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