Are you a FOMO sufferer?


According to Groupon, the nation’s obsession with social boasting is fuelling the rise of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Syndrome, but also encouraging us to lead more exciting and adventurous lives.

The local commerce business questioned 2,000 people across the UK, finding that the first thing almost a quarter of those in Newcastle (22%) say they want to do when they try something new is share it on social media; with another quarter (27%) admitting that they specifically post updates on social media to make their friends jealous. 

The phenomena is no surprise – everyone knows a friend or colleague who is apparently doing something bigger and better from what they say online, while the number of people sharing their activities on social sites (for whatever reason) continues to grow. We had a giggle in the office at a new e-card doing the rounds that says: ‘If only my social life was as good as my Facebook one!’

Sarah Hall Consulting’s managing director Sarah Hall said: “The jury is out on Groupon’s claim that FOMO is pushing people to be more adventurous and it would be interesting to see the data this claim is based on.

“However whether meant to be light-hearted or not, FOMO presents an opportunity for brands. Many organisations are embracing social media and understand the need for engagement. The challenge is not to forget the more traditional ways to interact with customers and prospects so while having a social profile is important, companies also need to find exciting and innovative ways to get out in the community and engage face to face.

“As we say to clients, make what you do authentic, interesting and varied and then people’s status updates might be hugely positive – and all about you.”

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