Future of news and why Jay-Z’s got 100 problems

10-years ago two people having a row in a lift wouldn’t have been a story.

But when those two people have huge international profile and CCTV footage is dumped to YouTube for all to see, you have the making of a massive international story.

The footage of a fracas between rapper Jay Z and singer Beyonce’s sister Solange when the trio met at an after party in New York has generated worldwide attention.

The bust up reportedly took place on 5 May at an after party at the Standard Hotel following a Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The story has inevitably generated a meme and now there’s a corner of the Internet dedicated to the topic.

The Solange-Jay Z elevator footage obtained by celebrity gossip outlet TMZ isn’t even of the incident itself. It’s shot by someone watching the CCTV. The hotel is calling foul and threatening to sue.

Jay-Z might want to rethink the lyrics to hit 2004-hit 99 Problems. There’s no such thing as privacy anymore.

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