Honestly, PR is Dishonest – a cause for debate

A post at PR Conversations by Alan Kelly claiming that PR is “intellectually dishonest and anti-competititive” has – not surprisingly – generated much comment, including from the venerable PR academic, Jim Grunig himself, who has countered:

“I’m absolutely convinced that an approach that is both organization-and-public-centric is more effective than an organization-centric approach.”

With 50 robust comments on the post already, we could content that debate on blogs is not dead (see views on the future of blogging in an ebook originated by CIPR President, Stephen Waddington earlier this year: http://wadds.co.uk/2014/02/16/business-blogging/).

Actually it does seem rare to generate so much discussion on a PR blog these days – whereas a Mailonline article on Katie Price or Kim Kardashian can stimulate thousands of pointless comments.

It could be the provocative headline – or that Kelly’s argument is contentious to many who read PR Conversations, or just that it is a polemic perspective.

Either way, always great to see some big guns of PR sparring in such a public forum.

See the full piece – and the growing number of comments – here: http://www.prconversations.com/index.php/2014/05/honestly-pr-is-dishonest



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