A powerful business lesson… from Google!

How often do you review, refine and improve your products or services?

Many small business owners get comfortable with what they offer. It feels familiar to them. Their clients or customers seldom complain. So, understandably, they keep things as they are.

Here’s the thing: In doing so, those business owners are missing out on a huge opportunity. They are also putting the future of their business at risk.

Why? Because the marketplace is always changing. It’s in a constant state of flux. The providers who fail to embrace the changing landscape, tend to have their lunch eaten by their more agile competitors. As competitors develop products and services that offer increasing value, the business owners who stand still, find they lose clients and fail to attract as many new clients.

Google and Perpetual Beta

One of the keys to Google’s success was their commitment to constant improvement. They embraced a concept known as Perpetual Beta. The term Perpetual Beta, refers to software or systems that are in a development stage for an indefinite or extended period of time. Google create a product and then constantly look for ways to make it better. Gmail, for instance, was a beta product for over 5 years and is still regularly updated.

What this means to you

The best businesses adopt a similar approach to Google. They are consistently looking for ways to improve what they do.

I suggest you do the same and review your current products or services. Look for ways to increase their value to your clients and prospective clients.

If you look hard enough, you will find something to improve. How can I be so sure? Simple. There’s no such thing as the perfect business, which means you will always be able to enhance, improve and advance.

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