The Future of Communications: Women?

femalesymbolIt pains me a little to write this.

I’m a bloke who works in an office with three other men and over 20 women. It’s not unusual in the PR industry for guys to be outnumbered five to one. Nor is it an issue.

I may have, in the past, been known to post the odd tongue-in-cheek #workingwithwomen sarcastic tweet. I may find the high-pitched and emotionally-charged environment when something exciting happens a little overwhelming at times. And the topics of conversation I’m exposed to…oh, the topics of conversation!

But, for the most part, I like working with the laydeez.

Yesterday was the FutureComms14 event in London. It totally rocked. Seriously. Check out the #futurecomms14 hashtag on Twitter for a taste of what people had to say.

But one of the many things that struck me about the day was the major impact that the female participants had on the event.

Keynote speaker Deirdre Breakenridge

Keynote speaker Deirdre Breakenridge

There were 20 speakers on the day, 7 of whom were women. And, for me, it was they who stood out. Keynote speaker Deirdre Breakenridge and panelists Emma Hart, Vikki Morgan and Betony Kelly all spoke with great authority and intelligence. They were concise, articulate and succinct. There was no waffle, no bluster, no buzzwords and no egos.

Don’t get me wrong; Tom Foremski and Jon Morter were interesting, thought provoking and entertaining characters. And the likes of Neville Hobson, Danny Whatmough and Jon Bernstein proved why they’re so highly respected with valuable insights and inputs.

But it was the girls who stood out. Which is maybe a worry if you’re a man working in comms?

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