Content: 10 points to help you generate ideas

Content isn’t new to PR. We’ve been creating content forever. With more platforms requiring different types of content and with planning not always going to plan, use these points to help you generate ideas.

  1. Re-purpose older content and present it differently e.g. a blog post turned into a mini video or podcast
  2. Listen on social media for what are hot topics so you can stay relevant
  3. Crowd-source – ask your community
  4. Brainstorm – sitting down with others could lead to some cracking ideas
  5. Predict – what can you predict for this year? What data is available? What are others predicting?
  6. What are common topics – do customers or clients regularly ask questions which you could use as a topic?
  7. Recap an event you attended, what you learned, links to useful resources
  8. Interview someone – either for a guest post, a podcast or perhaps a video
  9. Everyone good at their job has an opinion – what’s the hot topic that you can comment on
  10. Develop a simple how-to guide

We suggest you take time to plan the content though. The more you plan, the better research you can do and the more interesting you can make your content. This will then means it’s of value to the reader and they are more likely to engage and even share.

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MD of Aura PR, CIPR Council member and former CIPR Board Director. Former Chair of CIPR Scotland. Fellow and Chartered PR practitioner.

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