Copywriting tip: Use short sentences. Here’s why!

Here’s a quick copywriting tip: Your prospective clients prefer to read short sentences. This is especially true when explaining detailed information. For example, how your service works.

I’m not suggesting you use fewer words than required. Far from it! Use as many words per sentence as you need. Just don’t use more words than you need. Why not? Simple. From a marketing perspective, long, meandering sentences lack impact and clarity. Those are essential components of effective marketing copy.

A whole story. In 6 words!

It’s amazing what can be achieved, using fewer words. Ernest Hemingway once wrote a 6 word story. Yes, a whole story. Not a sentence. Here it is: “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn”.

Inspired by Hemingway’s brevity, look for opportunities to make your sentences as short as required. Remove the fluff. Keep sentences confined to one thought. Aim for clarity. Your prospective clients (and your business), will be glad you did.

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