Book Review: What’s Your Point? by Bruce M McKinnon

It can be easy to think that paying the bills is the point.

You had a reason for starting your enterprise, no doubt, that one thing that made it worth doing but somehow ‘just getting it done’ became the focus and before you knew it the uniqueness of your business can be obscured.

Yet defining those qualities can bring your business in to focus – for you and your customers – and greatly increase your chances of success. Bruce M McKinnon’s new book, What’s Your Point?, aims to help readers succinctly define the ‘point’ of your brand in a way that will make it stick with audiences.

To do this McKinnon introduces the concept of the Brand Arrow. Suitably ‘pointy’, the Brand Arrow framework provides a structure house and apply each element of your brand strategy.

McKinnon presents his case in an engaging way, with a lively writing style that makes the more complex aspects easy to get your head around – whether you are a comms veteran or a beginner – his stated audience is small business owners and entrepreneurs.

In the same way that businesses can easily lose sight of their point in overcomplicating things and get distracted by non-essentials, marketing can often be lost in jargon or Byzantine complexity and McKinnon’s arrow does a fine job of piecing both and leaving you with a point that sticks.

What’s Your Point?: The Brand Arrow – Define Your Point. Grow Your Brand by Bruce M McKinnon is published by Grace & Down Publishing. A review copy was provided by the author.


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