CIPR Insights Group takes a virtual trip to Dublin

The first event of the CIPR Behavioural Insights Group for 2021, at 10am GMT on Wednesday January 13th  offers a sneak preview of the new work from the Dublin Conversations being launched later this year.

Featuring a new toolkit with over 30 tools being freely shared, along with an overview of four Green Papers, a new dictionary and perhaps one of the biggest in-depth global conversations about the future of communications and public relations – all in an hour.

A society where people cannot talk to each other, work together or trust one another cannot tackle the big issues it faces.

The Dublin Conversations mission is to encourage original and critical thinking, supported by new ways of doing, to transform communications and creative industries practice – where its old rules no longer work, and the new ones need to be written.

In doing so, the public relations and communications industries can co-create a legacy of a better Blueprint for communications practice so it can rise to the challenge of playing a leading role in realising a more purposeful and tolerant society.

Dr.Sarah Bowman, Chair of the CIPR Knowledge Panel, and I will share a preview of the Conversations’ new framework of thinking that will be published over a six-month period during 2021, (there’s a lot of it to share) along with 231 Conversations with practitioners like you.

These mark a year-long project to kickstart the urgent change the communications and creative industries and our society needs.

For a link to the event please email me at andy at to join the Conversation.

Andy Green is a leading expert in brand storytelling, creative capacity building in communities or teams, and PR strategy.

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