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10 Proven ways to get free publicity

Here are 10 proven motivators, which inspire people to spread the word about you, your product or service.

Read these through a couple of times. Then see which ones you can adapt and apply into your business.

People will share your message:

1 – If it’s baked into your product or service. When you see someone using a laptop in public, the logo is visible on the lid.

2 – If they want you to notice them.

3 – If it makes them look clever. This is why social networks are packed with Einstein quotes.

4 – If they care about you and they believe sharing your message will help you.

5 – If it makes them appear generous to their friends.

6 – If they think it will make them look ahead of the curve or cutting-edge.

7 – If it’s remarkable. Extremely satisfied customers tell their friends when they receive an amazing service.

8 – If they are part of your community and want others to join them.

9 – If they believe it’s of great value and that their friends need to know. My newsletter is spread daily, by people who fin  something useful in it, which they  want their contacts to benefit from.

10 – If it says something they aren’t brave enough to say for themselves.

Here’s an additional tip.

Think about the last time you freely gave positive publicity about a company, product or service. Now consider what it was about your experience, which motivated you to spread the word.

Then, spend some time looking for ways to adapt and incorporate your version of that motivating factor, into your own products or services. This can be really effective, so give it the time and effort it deserves.

With the unique challenges facing business owners right now, the ability to generate earned publicity, rather than paid, has never been more valuable.

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